My Favorite Lunch Places in Lincoln, CA

Near Sacramento, Roseville and the surrounding areas are the main metro region that offers the best living situation. Roseville real estate is priced to sell and is affordable for any budget. Each Roseville real estate agent keeps track of all the homes in and near Roseville that are for sale.

Neighborhoods are well-kept, quiet, safe and the majority of homes are fairly new. Earthquakes are a factor in California that influences the removal of old buildings. While many people treat earthquakes with suspicion and fear, there is no need to. Most of the earthquakes in this area are mild shaking; new homes are engineered and built to withstand the most powerful quakes, so there is no need to count this as a “con.” Right now there are plenty of Roseville homes for sale.

As one of the unfortunate causes of recession, many homeowners who were over-committed financially are now selling their properties. Roseville real estate is easy to find and the drop in prices make them easy to purchase. Since the Roseville homes for sale are expected to rise in value in the future, now is an excellent time to purchase one. Contact a Roseville real estate agent and plan a visit to the area to hunt for homes. While visiting, enjoy a wide selection of hotels and food. Some of the best food in the area is located in the city of Lincoln, just minutes from Roseville. The next few paragraphs will detail some of the best places to go for lunch in Lincoln while on a Roseville house hunting excursion.

the awful annie's crewAwful Annie’s
One of two locations, this country-style restaurant is a great place to sit and enjoy lunch or eat quickly. Annie’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant, serving the city of Lincoln for several years. The staff treat even new customers like family and are friendly and accommodating. Annie’s menu offers several favorite comfort food selections, but is most famous for their tantalizing fresh burgers. Every ingredient used in this venue is fresh and quality, while prices are attractive and affordable. Although each dish contains specific ingredients, the chefs are happy to modify any choice upon request.

Lincoln Chinese Restaurant
Enjoy lunch special plates here for a low price. There are many different choices of dishes and the food is always prepared fresh. Staff members are courteous and friendly, happily welcoming all visitors. Service is fast, so when trying to hurry to the next home viewing appointment back in Roseville, this place is a great fast and delicious stop for lunch.

Casa Ramos
Some of the best Mexican dishes are found at Casa Ramos. The menu offers several options and the chefs are happy to make dishes more or less spicy upon request. Food is served promptly in this casual atmosphere. Amongst local customers, this restaurant is famous for their delicious chalupas. This restaurant is also a great choice for visitors who have a large appetite or want enough food to take home for later. Visitors who choose a hotel with a fridge will also find Casa Ramos to provide a cost-effective way to enjoy two meals for the price of one.

Sandwich Alley
For visitors with an extremely busy house-hunting schedule in Roseville, perhaps only a quick stop in Lincoln is allowable. When time is an issue, sandwiches are the fastest fix for hunger. Sandwich Alley is a simple and small restaurant specializing in several different types of sandwiches. Sub and loaf sandwiches are two popular choices, but many other bread styles are available. The steak sandwich is a notable local favorite among repeat customers. Another menu item that is often raved about is the potato salad, which is prepared fresh each day. Prices are moderate and the amount of food and quality is definitely worth every minute and cent spent there.

NY Pizza
Hunting for houses takes a lot of energy and may result in a craving for carbs. Few places in California have truly mastered the New York style of pizza, but NY Pizza of Lincoln is an exception. Fresh and delicious sauce, thick crusts, loads of toppings and cheese make the perfect pizza. Slices are generous in size and the flavor will leave customers wanting to eat until full. NY Pizza also sells several sandwiches that have a bold Italian flavor and make a hardy meal.

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